Friday, May 13, 2011

5th Day of KCWC

Ok, I didn't get much done the last 2 days and couldn't even blog about it until today.  I did get 2 hats done to match the sunsuit.  I made them from this post 

I am now working on another sunsuit but this time upcycling one of my t-shirts to make it.  Should be able to post here and on flickr tomorrow.  I love seeing everyone else's work when I go post my pics.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 2 KCWC

Oh boy! did i get alot done today!!?!! Here is a photo of what I made and this is soley from a pattern I came up with.

Tomorrow I am making a matching sun hat and then making one or two dresses in some cute fabric I got last week.

Loving all of the ones I see up at the flickr site!!!

1st Day of KCWC

well, I didn't get much done in my hour yesterday, came down with a cold Friday night and been sluggish since then.  I got the outfit pattern made, cut out and got the bottom sewed up, with facing pieces in the crotch for the snaps.  I don't do snap much, so I made a run up to JoAnn's and got some.  That's pretty much it for yesterday.  Hopefully I get more done today, with the help of Dayquil ;))

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New challenge I found

I have been very busy with family matters since my last post.  I now have a SIL and a new grandbaby.  I found this challenge (look in sidebar, to the left) and I have to try it.  I hope I can do alot of cute outfits for her.  Here are some I did and already sent to my DD in Virginia.

Thanks for looking!!